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Why the world is silent about the Estonian election

Playing around with higher education

Response from Education Minister (ed note: in Estonian, will translate into English when I have time)

Right is Right ?

Why I write in Estonia

Sotsid are not freaks Why are the Social Democrats still failing?

Room 101 A comparison between British kids and Estonian kids

Go West Where is Estonia exactly?

Venture Capitalist Allan Martinson view Follow up story

Musician Jaan T├Ątte view Follow up story

The greatest speech of all time A review of Unite Estonia a very successful political play held 8 May at Saku Suurhall.

For Europe's sake: Stop the Tories How the British elections will influence Estonia.

The libertarian tradition Why Estonian Health care is better than the USA

Brave new Estonia Estonian Independence day

Cancel the debt Haitian crisis

Who's in charge here How the leader of the opposition in Estonia can bully the PM.

The man who annoys Estonians: Q and A with Priit Pullerits Postimees did this in depth interview.

Black men, Estonian women the truth
An opinion piece. The title is self-explanatory.

Pyrrhic Victory
About the 2009 local elections in Estonia.

The Sexiest man in Estonia Guess who?

The Playboy bunny and foreign policy

Laar's Dilemma About the former PM of Estonia.

Cult of Youth Why Estonia is run by kids

Quiet genius who brought East to the West How the Koran came to be published in Estonia.

Bigotry and denial Race relations in the Baltics in particular Lithuania

A hard landing indeed About the economic crisis

Let's eat potato peels and again

Fighting to preserve a Nation's heritage Lithuania's Jewish community

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Tallinn's unlikely twin By Abdul Turay First published November 2008 The idea behind twinning is that two vaguely similar cities exchange cultural links for their mutual benefit. Warsaw is twinned with Coventry – both cities were flattened by the Luftwaffe, after all. Tartu, the famous Estonian university town, is twined with Uppsala which is the home to the oldest university in Scandinavia. And Tallinn… Tallinn is twinned with Dartford. Come again, Dartford! For those of you who don’t know Britain well, Dartford is a dull dormitory suburb on the back end of London. Dartford is in the county of Kent, the so-called “garden of England”. Technically it is both a town and a borough , but it is not a city since it doesn’t have a Royal charter to call itself that. Say the word “Dartford” to most Britons, and they will answer back “tunnel”. The Dartford crossing is both a tunnel and a bridge. It links up Kent with London both above and below the river Thames. When City Paper called up the
Black men, Estonian women: the truth By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 11 November 2009 Well that got your attention; the headline I mean. Any story on this subject, the technical term is miscegenation, is bound to get punters. The yellow media, women's magazines and reality TV shows are obsessed with the subject. Not a month goes by without some publication writing about it. Anne and Style, for example, recently ran a long feature about mixed couples. Most of these stories are muddle-headed and wrong. There's paranoia in this country that there is an army of dark-skinned men form Turkey, the tropics, some place south, who are going to make off with the nation's women. It's never going to happen. I'll explain why in a minute. Seriously, I think there are more important things to think about and worry about. I worry about feeding my family. I worry about other people being able to feed their families, so I write about politics and economics. But the p
A note for New Tallinners Russian Translation below.  Dear New Tallinners Whether you are here for work or study; welcome to Tallinn, I hope that you have a successful, productive and fun time in our beautiful city. Tallinn has come a long way in the last 20 years. It is hard to believe this city was once grey and Soviet. It can be bewildering at times being in a new city in a new country, when all the information you need is in another language. Did you know that you can help to make it better? Did you know you have access to legal services? What do you know about the sports, leisure and cultural activities going on in Tallinn? The local elections for the City council take place this October 15. Did you know that you can vote?   Everybody registered to live in Tallinn can vote? Voting will give you say in how the city is run? It gives you power? I hope to serve you as your local candidate. How someone like me ended up in Estonian politics, is too long a story to g