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Conservative Solutions The big issue in Estonia now is rights cohabitation rights for same-sex couple. An opinion pieces on this subject. Britain and Referunda Why Cameron will lose the next election and we will have a government more favourable to Europe and Estonia...   Read on  The Second Sex We are are told that we live in a male dominated society, that men have it easier than women; there are people who make a living by telling us this. I think that men have it tough and the situation is getting worse. I believe that feminism., or at least the radical form of it that has come to dominate, is wrong., and the effects of feminism that are causing great harm in my own country and in the rest of the Anglo-sphere are beginning to crop up here .. Read on Chartist versus the World It was just perfect timing, I write a book discussing amongst other things, whether Estonian political culture is failing on not, and a month later, some of the country's leading minds, let's
Britain and Referenda Published Postimees 20 February 2013 Normally I write only about Estonian issues, when I a write about my country there is something important needs covering. Which bring me to the UK relationship with Europe. It effects us all so I hope you will bear with me. As readers will know, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron announced last month that if he wins the next election in 2015, he will renegotiate existing treaties with Europe and then hold a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU. There has been a ton analyse on TV and in the Estonian press about this. It could lead to a breakup of Europe. It isn't helping things, that's for sure. There isn't go to be any referendum. The referendum is contingent on the conservatives winning the next election. By caving into the ardent Eurosceptics in his own party, Cameron has just guaranteed that he, and his party, will lose. The reasons are complex and I wil