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Two Tribes By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 13 August 2012 A couple of years ago, I went along with my wife to a manor house in the heart of England which every August, for the last 30 years, has been a jamboree (Rahvapidu) for the Estonian community in Britain. I expected a celebration of Estonian culture in Britain. Singing, dancing, selling handicrafts and Estonian foods; that sort of thing. I discovered, two tribes gone to war. The foreign Estonians (V√§liseestlased) believe they have worked to preserve and promote Estonian culture for over 60 years, not only in the UK but in the other four V√§liseestlased communities, Sweden, the USA, Canada and Australia. Here was their view of new Estonian immigrants to Britain. “We don't mix with them at all, we don't socialise, we don't even understand them. It's like apartheid,” said one of them, who understandably didn't want to be name. The story of Estonians in Britain is an inte
On Immigration Policy by Abdul Turay Postimees 13 July 2012 For once I have subject where I can draw on personal experience not just for colouring and commentary but for analysis. Immigration, let's talk about it. You may think you've read everything there is to say, but there are some things that no one is saying, no-one dare say. Once again a gap has opened up between what the business elites and technocrats who run the country want, and what the people want. The elites want more immigrants. The people do not. It really is that simple. The elites are going to win. Here are the arguments if you need reminding. As some of you will remember, last year the Estonian Development Fund (EDF) did an analysis of Estonia's future in the centenary year. Leave aside the oxymoron of a government sponsored venture capital fund, this set out four possible scenarios for Estonia's future. None of these scenarios are perfect but broadly speaking, two