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The libertarian tradition By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 30 March 2010 “There is nothing nice about the USA. When you go to hospital you have to pay” So sang legendary Scottish punk band the Exploited in their seminal track “F**k the USA” Estonian medical practitioners make the same point albeit rather more tactfully. “In the US people are not even in the health system, it is not working,” Dr Margus Viigimaa, President of the Centre for Cardiology said. He goes on to explain that when the health system in Estonia was set up in the 90s they borrowed ideas for Sweden and Britain but not from the United States. The healthcare debate not only show that Estonia is in many ways a better place to live than the United States. It also shows the people who oppose health care reform, American libertarians, are dangerous not just to Americans but to the Estonia nation. To understand why we have to look at how Americans see themselves and their place in the World. The passage of the health c