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Black man flies solo By Mart Zirnask Published Eesti Ekspress 2 October 2009 Political observer Abdul Turay columns' are causing politician to line up, publicly to churn out replies. What lies behind this phenomenon? One day, Abdul Turay was walking through a small birch-edged Tallinn parking lot Suddenly a young gentleman, driving a car shouted out: “Hey nigger, you fucking nigger! Get the fuck out of my country!!” For fun Turay answered him in French (which he learned in his native country of Great Britain). The other person was silently surprised for a moment and then carried on shouting abuse.......also in French. “Totally unbelievable,” Turay said rolling with laughter. “Then I thought for a moment that this is indeed an odd country.” Turay didn't say there is large scale racism in Estonia. He did say he has had more positive experiences than negative ones. But he wouldn't permit the paper to name the cafe where we rested for a chat. (E