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Brave New Estonia By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 21 February 2010 When my editor called me to write a piece about Estonian Independence day my first thought was: “why me?” I am aware there are a lot of people interested in reading what I have to say about this, that and the other, but surely a big patriotic event like Independence Day is best covered by native writers? But then I realised, everything that can be written about Estonian Independence Day and the new national awakening Estonia currently is going through has already been exhaustively covered. I can imagine the words. “Estonians fought to preserve the nation’s freedom, Estonians must still fight to preserve the nation’s freedom.” What else is there left to say? Well actually looking at it from as an outsider there is quite a lot to say. I can say this with authority. Patriots from other countries envy Estonia. This is an exciting time to be alive and be Estonian. To us outsiders what is going on in Estonia is an heroic