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Lost Brother 17.07.2016 Over the past few weeks, four men have been vilified and demonised by the Estonian media. Priit Toobal, Kajar Lember, Tiit Ojasoo and myself. One man is accused of having an affair with an underage person, another is accused of accepting bribes, a third was caught on camera beating and kicking a woman and the fourth myself what did I do ? For those of you not familiar with Estonian politics, I left my party the Social Democrats and taken a job with the city, which is controlled by a rival party the Centre Party. I started my new job the end of May 2016. I don't want to comment of the merits of the cases, the other three men who have been subject to abuse. It is for them to defend themselves, but in my case since it is tax payers money we are talking about I have to explain myself.  The right of centre party Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit (IRL)  think I am a greedy self-serving bastard and a traitor to the nation. Jegveni Ossinovski, chairman of th