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Cut it Out Published Postimees   28 May 2013 What's up with the immigration people? On lots of different levels and in lots of different ways the authorities; whether there are border guards, police, or civil servants drafting bills; appear to be getting things horribly wrong. I will tell three stories. They all have to do with immigration and are otherwise unconnected. They all have an underlying theme. The first story is my own story. I am aware that police officers and border guards do difficult and necessary jobs under challenging circumstances. I am also aware that the police and border guards have done good things in the past, BUT....guys could you please stop harassing me. I have been stopped three times in the last month, once in Old Town, once in Kristiine centre and most recently at the Port of Tallinn when I was coming back from Sweden. At the port, I was with my Estonian family. My niece who is six is scared of police. She thinks naughty the police will c