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Right is Right? By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 16th December 2010 "Estonia is too Republican. Young people should be caring and socially orientated, but not here in Estonia." This blunt comment comes from Kadri Simson. I met up with the Riigikogu member and deputy chairman of Keskerakond a little while ago. She seemed very sincere in her beliefs. "Even when George W Bush was highly unpopular all round Europe he was still popular in Estonia," she continued. She was keen to meet me but she seemed to feel that foreign writers in Estonia were all right-wingers who were deceiving the Estonian people. "There is some kind of attitude lower taxes for richer people or bigger benefits for wealthier people is justified are prevalent," she said. "I am also surprised when some foreigners or people from Western Europe, where these attitude are not so strong, are coming here and starting to give additional arguments towards this. "Those people who I know