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Book published 10.12.12 A Black President for a Small White Nation II An Intellectual Casino The Great Migration Two Tribes  About the Estonian British communities Immigration Policy On the Meikar Affair  A political scandal Involving money laundering The invisible beautiful Estonian film The Austrian Factor  On Austrian economics Galojan won't be coming home soon. On Veerpalu. Survival of the fitness The view from London  On the Euro White Riots  More on London Riots City under siege  London Riots The end of Newspapers   China Rising Why the world is silent about the Estonian election Playing around with higher education Response from Education Minister (ed note: in Estonian, will translate into English when I have time) Right is Right ? Why I write in Estonia Sotsid are not freaks   Why are the Social Democrats still failing? Room 101   A comparison between British kids and Estonian kids Go West   Where is Estonia exactly? Venture Capitalist
A black president for a small white nation II Why Estonia and Obama need each other.  Published Postimees 14 December 2012  Four years ago I outraged the nation when I suggested in my first Postimees article what Michelle Obama the president's wife might be thinking if Estonia got into trouble. “ Ah yes Estonia that small-minded little white hell with them.” That article was about a fair dialogue between Estonia and black people. I am not going to talk about that here, suffice to say progress has been made, and I have to admit after four years I believe far from being hostile, Obama will look kindly upon Estonia precisely because of his African heritage, here is why. W e have seen Obama appearing to conspire with Russia's leadership at a nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea, March 2012. “ I t’s important for him to give me space,”  he said in a ´hot mike´ moment with outgoing President Medvedev. The him in questi
An Intellectual Casino Published Postimees 15 October 2012 Imagine an animal. It is grey, has eight arms, a primitive brain, and suckers, lives in the sea. It looks like an octopus, it's mother and father are octopuses, its children are octopuses. But it is not an octopus. Let's call it a non-octopus. Now imagine an investment firm. It has grown at a phenomenon rate over 10 years. Its sleekly dressed, oily, smooth talking, Russian-speaking owners make huge amounts of money. Most of its customers lose money and they lose ALL their money. But lets not call it a scam, let's call in a respectable brokerage company working hard to make money for it clients. It is not in any case an octopus. Tallinn is the global headquarters for a venerable institution, which for legal purposes we will call Non-octopus Forex company. It is all part of the retail forex market which in Estonia is controlled by Russian-speaking Estonian who started out in the 90s. They allied


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In English A first for Estonia: An elected Black Politician Christian Science Monitor 26 Oct 2013 Turay to take seat on Tallinn city council  Published ERR 22 Oct 2012 Mixed Results for Tallinn City Council  Published ERR 21 Oct 2012  The expat running for city council  Published ERR 16 August 2013  Estonian gets its first Black candidate for city councillor Published ERR 16 August 2013  Interview with Estonian World  6 June 2013 Estonia World  Eesti Keeles I am not a natural social democrat Eesti Päevaleht 25 October 2013 Abdul Turay joins the Social Democratic Party Postimees 24 October 2013  Social Democrats send Abdul Turay to the city Council  Eesti Päevaleht 23 October 2013  Abdul Turay gets into the City Council Postimees 22 Oct 2013 I will represent the views of the whole community in government Postimees 16 August 2013 Kross: we were also interested in Turay Postimees 16 August 2013  Abdul Turay to be a candidate for the social d


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