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A black president for a white nation By Abdul Turay First published Postimees 11 November 2008 A few months ago I was having dinner with an American journalist friend visiting from New York. I joked to her that it seemed like there are only five black people in Estonia.... and two of them are drug dealers. Now the most powerful man on the planet is a black man. What does this mean for Estonia, one of the whitest nation's on Earth? Though this US election was fought on the issues, not on race, it was pretty clear once Obama was elected the huge historical significant of event would be celebrated. Some people may think President-elect Obama’s race doesn’t matter. Some even believe he isn’t really black. After all the president-elect’s mother was white and he was raised by his white grandparents. Those people are wrong. Obama is really black and it really does matter. Most black people everywhere see Obama's election as a personal victory for them. Ninety five per cent of Afri
Laar's dilemma By Abdul Turay First published in Postimees July 13 2009 A lot of people who don't know much about Estonia have strong opinions about Mart Laar. A countryman of mine who I am sure has never heard of Kalevipoeg, A.H. Tammsaare or Tõnis Mägi called him: “one of the greatest men alive.” An anonymous poster on the Laar's own blog recently called him: “a right wing pig!” The poster went on to blame Laar for the economic crisis not just in Estonia, but in the whole world. In a way it's a backhanded compliment. It is hard to imagine this type of expletive being hurled at Saavisar or Ansip by people living abroad. They are local figures. Laar is global, a world class statesman. As a newspaper editor, I would receive contributions from him. I was truly in awe of him. His opinion pieces were always well written, in excellent English, concise and well argued. His breadth of knowledge was phenomenal. Now there is talk about Laar heading back to the premiers
Michael Jackson some thoughts By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 27 June 2009 Like many people I am in absolute shock that Michael Jackson is dead. The only thing more shocking is if the Queen died. No actual this is more shocking, the Queen is old, Michael Jackson was only 50. And for once I am not just in shock as a person, but as a black person. Michael Jackson was the most famous black person in world history. It is impossible to underestimate his importance to black people. It wasn't just that he made incredible music created amazing videos and put on ground breaking shows, he also broke down barriers in a way that hadn't been done before and can't be done again. It hard to believe it now but before Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, black entertainers were in a cul-de-sac. Black musicians were continually struggling to reach a wider audience outside of black communities. Twenty five years ago MTV had an unofficial policy banning videos by black musicians. Herbie Hanc