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Delfi Answers

Vastused Eesti Keeles 
1. Why should voters vote for you?

The most important reason people should vote for me is to guarantee Estonia's security.Estonia needs friends. Military security must come from NATO, from the USA, my country the UK and even from France. The EU is weak on this.

Since I am from the West, there will be a lot of media interest in me. I am already in the international media, the BBC,  Al Jazeera, the Economist. If I am elected, I will able to galvanise the media and the general public in the rest of Europe and the World especially the Anglosphere to take an interest in what is happening in Estonia, to support Estonia, and to defend it in a way that other candidates can't.

Eventually the issue will move beyond me as an unusual politician, and to the bigger issue of European integration and the European dream.

2. Name theme(s) which you plan to be active in the European Parliament and the reason for this choice.
The theme that concerns me most is a decent living sa…