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Quiet Storm
About the elections 

Descendants of a gang of pirates
In defence of monarchy 

Mere Anarchy
Find out more about Estonia's young anarchists. 

Cut it Out 
About immigration. Frankly I am getting tired of the issue.

Thatcher's Legacy 
Celebrating Thatcher

The Conservative Solution
The big issue in Estonia right now is cohabitation rights for same-sex couple. This is an opinion pieces on this subject.

Britain and Referenda
Why Cameron will lose the next election and we will have a government more favourable to Europe and Estonia...

The Second Sex
We are are told that we live in a male dominated society, that men have it easier than women; there are people who make a living by telling us this.I think that men have it tough and the situation is getting worse. I believe that feminism., or at least the radical form of it that has come to dominate, is wrong., and the effects of feminism that are causing great harm in my own country and in the rest of the Anglo-sphere are beginning to crop …
Quiet Storm Published Postimees 21 October 2013
Readers will probably know I stood as a candidate in the recent local election. Let's talk about something you don't know. The other foreign candidates who stood. Hopefully it will help you make sense of some issues in this election.
Whatever the outcome of this election, one thing is clear, I will not be the most successful and most talented foreign candidate. That honour falls to Ole Michael Ramussen, a 45 year old sales manager from Denmark.
Ramussen is so successful precisely because has caused little impact. The local press have shown no interest in him. Yet he is the de facto leader of the Social Democrats in Saue.
Ramussen was elected as councillor four years ago in Saue district for the Social Democrats. He has been in Estonia for 15 years. Like many foreigners he left Denmark because he didn't fit into there any more. He lived in Germany for a while and then Britain. He has been a visitor and an enthusiast of the Baltic…