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The Great Migration
Published Postimees 13 Sept 2012

Recently, I asked a group of young people, if they have Facebook accounts. They looked at me like I was mad.
"That's like asking us, do we have a noses?" one of them said.
"Come to think of it even people who don't have noses have Facebook accounts," another said to much laughter.
Last week 6th July, Kanal 2 did a program "Minu Facebooki s├Ábrad". It was a light hearted look at the social network phenomenon. But the whole Facebook is king challenges some of our cherished beliefs about modern Estonia.
10 years ago when I first visited here, Estonia was more advanced than my own country the United Kingdom. It was a revelation. Estonia was my introduction to whole concept of social networking. was founded in May 2002, that's a year before Orkut, or MySpace, two years before Facebook.
I so wasn't impressed when I first saw Facebook. "Social networking,..... they have this in Estonia a…