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Why the world is silence about the election
By Abdul Turay Published Postimees 10 March 2011

Nobody cares. The World didn't care. The global reaction to the Estonian election has been total apathy.

In the UK, The Financial Times ran a brief inside story on the election saying who won but not why. The Chicago Tribunal carried a brief wire report as did The Herald Sun in Australia and The Telegraph in Britain. The BBC covered the story, but buried away somewhere. It had no analysis on the lead up to the election and no real analysis of the reasons for the results.

The New York Times was better. It gave the story brief analysis, but from its Moscow correspondent, which as many people believe, is a bit like writing about the activities of the French resistance in World War II from the point of view of the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin.

“Estonians stoically absorbed the suffering,” wrote The New York Times correspondent.
“The opposition leader Edgar Savisaar, the mayor of the capital, Ta…