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Ansip through the eyes of a reporter Published Postimees April 1
By the time you read this, we will have a new Prime Minister.
Whilst everybody is speculating about the future, I thought I would reminisce about the past and pay a personal tribute to Andrus Ansip.
There is an old saying “All political careers end in failure.” It seems that Ansip has bucked the trend. He wasn't pushed out, nor did he jump, he stepped down gracefully.
I have met Andrus Ansip on quite a few occasions, most times he would buy me lunch, we had some good chats together. The first time I met him was he held a meeting with foreign correspondents. At the time I had only been in the country a few months and I was then the editor of The Baltic Times
There were 12 of us. Most of the correspondents were Finns. When Ansip entered, he took in the room. Then he spied me, and he looked a little surprised, he smiled a little.
I guess he was thinking; “Ahoo you are probably not Finnish.”
His aide whispered that I w…